Resident Information

Information and services for AHA residents

As an AHA resident, there are many services and opportunities available to you. This section of the AHA Web site is designed to provide information of particular interest to you. Here’s what you will find by clicking on the sections below:

Tenant Information

Do you need to know who to contact for a problem with your apartment? Need information about your lease or your responsibilities as a tenant. You’ll find that information and more in this section.

Career Assistance

Learn about job opportunities and assistance available to you in finding a job or getting a better one.

Health and Social Services

You will find information here about health services available to low-income residents in Ashland, as well as information about services available to you as an AHA resident.

Computer Access

Even if you don’t own a computer, there are lots of ways you can gain access to one for using e-mail or the Internet. This section provides information on how to get online.

The information in this section is geared primarily to residents who are living in buildings owned and managed by The Housing Authority of Ashland. If you are receiving assistance from the Housing Authority through a Housing Choice Voucher, or if you are a resident of a building that is not managed by The Housing Authority of Ashland, some of this information may not apply to you.