How can I find out if my public housing authority is a good landlord?

Just as there are good landlords and bad landlords, there are good public
housing authorities and bad public housing authorities.

So the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grades housing
authorities using something called the Public Housing Management Assessment
Program (PHMAP).

HUD gives the housing authorities a grade of from 0 to 100. These number
grades then get converted into descriptions like ‘high,’ ‘standard,’ or

The things HUD grades a housing authority on are probably not
exactly what a tenant would grade a landlord on. For example, HUD looks at how
fast a housing authority spends the money HUD gives them. For a tenant, a more
important thing might be the fairness of the apartment manager. Still, the PHMAP
score can be useful if you want some basic information about whether or not a
housing authority is well run.


HUD has available a database of data about each public housing

HUD is will soon start using a new system of evaluation. In the new system,
grades will be based, in part on a “resident satisfaction survey.” We support
this change and will report the new scores when data becomes available