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The minimum rent is $50.00 and the maximum rents are as follows:

  • The Studio Apartment 0/BR @Scope Towers $408/month
  • 1 / Bed Room @ Scope Towers $488
  • 1 / Bed Room DeBord Terrace $488
  • 2 / Bed Room DeBord Terrace $592
  • 3 / Bed Room DeBord Terrace $800
  • 4 / Bed Room DeBord Terrace $952
  • 5 / Bed Room DeBord Terrace $1095

We furnish stoves and refrigerators at both housing sites. Utilities are included in the rent at Scope Towers 100% except for telephone, cable and air conditioning.

We also provide air conditioners at Scope Towers. At DeBord Terrace, residents are given a utility allowance and will be charged for any amount that exceeds this allowance. So for the most part utilities are included at DeBord Terrace except for telephone and cable.

The Security Deposit is currently $250.00. Residents must pay $150 at the move in time and 2 equal payments of $50 the next 2 months to pay the balance in full.

If a resident moves in during the middle of the month the rent will be pro-rated according to the number of days left in that month. And last but not least, rent is 30% of the adjusted gross income, not to exceed our maximum and not less than our minimum. Income is counted from all sources. Social Security, SSI, Gross Wages, Interest income, pension income any source of income regardless of the source. Also if a resident has assets they are subject to an inputted amount of income. (That is if those assets were sold and the proceeds were put in a savings account that could potentially earn interest, that interest income is calculated at a rate determined by HUD for our area.)

If applicant is elderly or disabled the resident is entitled to deductions for uninsured medical expenses (prescriptions, eye glasses, dental, etc.) that they must pay for and are also given a standard deduction of $400.00 annually. For the resident who has dependent children in the household they are given an annual deduction of $480.00 per child.

  • Apartments are rented according to date and time application is received.
  • Apartments are rented according to the size that the family qualifies for.

Criminal background checks need to be completed by all household members over 18 years of age.

We will be glad to make copies of the required documents for the applicant.

Please make sure that the application has been signed in all of the required sections by head of household, Power of Attorney (of which a copy of this appointment must be made available with application) and or all house hold members over the age of 18.

Personal references must be from non-family members who would recommend you for housing.

If you have any questions or need additional verification forms please call our office at 606-325-7112 and we will be glad to assist you. We look forward to serving you.


Housing Authority of Ashland

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